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Website Redesign for NPO

Since the completion of the project, Warrior Wagons has partnered with another hospital in Milwaukee and more volunteers have joined the non-profit. The organization continues to grow and spread its good cause.

Checkout the website: 


Warrior Wagons is a non-profit organization who aim to spread awareness about pediatric cancer and help young patients and their families at the hospitals by providing with personalized wagons.
This initiative started out as a gesture of gratitude by the Becker family on behalf of their son.
The organization liaises with the hospitals to acquire patient information and facilitate the provision of wagons, aiming to bring comfort and assistance to those affected by pediatric cancer.

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Today, the organization collaborates with coordinators and volunteers from five hospitals spanning three states—Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois.


My Role

  • Conducted research to identify product gaps

  • Redesigned IA for seamless navigation

  • Revamped website visually in alignment with existing design system

  • Led ideation and curated design collaterals for Social Media Marketing

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Shortcomings of the Website

Shortcomings of the Website

How did the Redesign help?

How did the Redesign help?

  • Clunky Navigation

  • Repeated Content on multiple pages

  • Difficulty in reaching target audience​

  • Redesigned the Information Architecture

  • Eliminated the redundant content

  • Curated posts for Social media platforms for engagement


  • Changed the Style guide for a visual revamp


  • Added the "Our Partners" page dedicated to partnered hospitals and added contact information


  • Added a section called "Our Story" to promote NGO's vision and mission 

  • Added testimonials of current volunteers

  • Old School website design


  • Lengthy process to get in touch with partnered hospitals

  • Website lacked to show the NGO's Story and journey 

  • Lack of trust due to the website's inconsistencies


Objectives & Solutions

1. Website Redesign with major focus on Information Architecture

  • Organize Content Logically to aid navigation​

  • Improve User Flow

  • Streamline Interactions to reduce confusion

  • Ensure Efficient Information Retrieval


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2. Marketing

a. Offline Marketing via Newsletters

  • Visually revamped the quarterly newsletters to reinforce the brand's essence.

  • Demonstrate loyalty and provide in-depth information.

  • Spark a sense of exclusivity and trust among recipients.

  • Yield higher engagement and conversion rates.

b. Social media Marketing

Social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram and Youtube were leveraged for the following:

  • Increase awareness and reach

  • Boost engagement for Volunteer Recruitment

  • Impactful Visual Storytelling

  • Donations and Fundraising

  • Connect directly with audience to build community &  long-term relationships

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post mockup- slide 16.png

Delivered a short introductory video of Warrior Wagons to help understand the vision and mission of the Non-profit to foster partnerships and collaborations.

3. Enhanced the visual look and feel of the website

a. Style Guide Changes

Group 132.png

Used to be jumpy and too bold

Shows strength and courage

Used to be somber

Shows positivity and hope

Used to be high contrast

Gives a balanced look

New Style Guide

b. Mid Fidelity wireframes

Since the website was already live and the team had a solid understanding of user functionalities and requirements, the design process began with mid- fidelity wireframes.

c. High Fidelity wireframes

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Future Roadmap

  • Promote and acknowledge feedback on all the social media platforms of Warrior Wagons

  • Create a “Shop for Warriors” page on the website which would promote the Warrior Wagons’’ merchandise

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