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Celéste French Patisserie

Celéste French Patisserie

Inclusive Bakery delivery app 



Celéste French patisserie app allows its users to get the best deals and even customize their orders as they please. You may order your favorite French delights from the comfort of your home and track them until they arrive at your doorstep. To further fit the user needs better, the application has a light or dark mode, voice commands, and notifications pings when the order is ready.


My Role 

  • Ideated and brainstormed the product concept

  • Conducted User research & Contextual inquiries, performed competitive analysis and gathered insights to inform design decisions

  • Defined the problem statement

  • Created personas, user flows, wireframes & prototypes

  • Integrated accessibility features like contrast, voice command and language switching to enhance the user journey and satisfaction

  • Conducted usability testing & iterations

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My Takeaways 

  • Accessibility features make it easy for users to navigate throughout the app

  • The option to save card details in the app saves time for returning users and speeds up the payment process

  • Customization options empowers the users to highlight their preferences and increases retention rate

  • Informing the users in each step about their order status increases trust and user satisfaction

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User Research

Research Questions

  • How long does it take for users to browse food & drinks and add it to their cart?

  • How long does the user take to complete the payment process?

  • What kind of features would the customer like to have in a food delivery app?

  • What do users think of notifications? Does it help them save time?

Key Performance Parameters

  • Time taken to complete the task

  • Use of navigation vs search bar

  • User error rates

  • Conversion rates

  • Net Promoter score

Affinity Mapping from Interviews

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Competitor Analysis

Competitor Analysis was performed on three cafes with similar business scenario. The first two, i.e. "La Boulangerie & Co" and "Edge of Sweetness" are direct competitors whereas "Taste of Heaven" is an indirect competitor

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User Persona

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Stella Maxwell

26, Senior Developer

" I'm a fairly busy person with demanding work life and prefer to buy healthy drinks and desserts as I frequently eat from outside."

Pain Points

  • Difficulty in browsing food and drinks due to lack of subcategories

  • Required to buy extra items to qualify for delivery

  • Time consuming payment process as card details cannot be saved


  • Needs allergy free food options which lists all the ingredients

  • Enjoys customizing her food

  • Needs healthier alternatives to maintain her diet

Screenshot 2024-04-30 at 10.25.06 AM.png

Rohit Mehera

22, Full time graduate student

" I'm an international student living on a budget. I try to plan my meals for the week. Even though I prefer cooking at home to save money, its not always feasible due to my busy class schedule."

Pain Points

  • Finds its frustrating to wait for several minutes when picking up his food

  • Difficulty in understanding certain menu specifications as he is not a native English speaker


  • Find Combo deals and discounts to save money

  • Picks up the order to save on delivery charges, but wants to avoid the wait time

Journey Map 

Goal: To place a customized order online on a time crunch


User Frustrations

User Frustrations

Implemented Features

Implemented Features

  • Lack of Subcategories for food and drinks

  • Added distinct subcategories for easy scanning

  • Option to save card details for returning users

  • Language switching option

  • Struggle to grasp specific terms for non-native English speakers.

  • Causes strain on eyes as the app doesn't comply with phone's visual setting 

  • No intimation about the order status 

  • Time consuming payment process

  • Option to switch between light and dark mode 

  • User are kept informed at each step from preparation to delivery

Site Map

Screenshot 2023-10-27 at 9.43.14 PM.png

Process Thinking & Solution

a. Personalization

  • Caters to individual preferences, dietary needs, and cultural variations.


  • Enhances enjoyment, accommodates allergies, and promotes healthy eating, fostering a sense of inclusivity and satisfaction in diverse dining experiences.

Dairy Free

Sugar Free

Extra Strawberry Icing

b. Accessibility Enhancement

  • Microphone input aids those with motor impairments or disabilities preventing traditional inputs.

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  • Features like light/dark mode enhance user experience by accommodating different visual needs and environments. They reduce eye strain, improve readability, and ensure inclusivity, promoting usability for a wider range of users.

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3. Promotion of Deals and Offers

  • Combo deals and offers are highlighted on the homepage so that it can be easily availed by app users.

  • Promotions and deals amplify food visibility, attract customers, boost sales, and create a sense of value, enticing consumers to explore new culinary experiences while fostering brand loyalty.

4. Real time updates

Users are also kept informed on the status of their orders.

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5. Streamlined Payment Process

Saving card details streamlines checkout, enhancing convenience by reducing data entry, expediting purchases, and improving user experience, fostering customer loyalty and increasing conversion rates.

Credit Card Payment